Hurricane season is here!

Many of you may have noticed the yellow cards hanging from our doorknobs the other day – a lighthearted reminder from our wonderful City of Delray Beach that the 2018 hurricane season has begun!

June 1st marked this wonderful occasion, the occasion that none of us look forward to, but one that we all know is coming and must eventually deal with.

Rumors of El Nino being very strong this year – strong enough to push all of those hurricanes back out to sea – have died along with our hopes. The internet is talking about seeing somewhere between 14 and 26 named storms this season… so let’s all hope that they take a hard right and go back out to sea.

But in case that doesn’t happen, there are a few things we can all do to be prepared for hurricane season…

Hurricane Preparedness – What You Can Do

Here are a few tips to help all of our Windy Creek neighbors batten down the hatches and prepare for the next big storm:

  • Thin out your foliage so that wind flows freely through their branches – this will decrease the chances of having your trees or plants from being uprooted from hurricane winds.hurricane season
  • Cut back all foliage and weak branches that could come into any contact with buildings like your house, garage or shed.
  • Clean out your yard of anything that could possibly be a danger to neighbors or yourself during a hurricane – like old lumber, broken lawn furniture or dead palm fronds – and especially coconuts.

Remember, that once a storm is threatening Delray Beach and Windy Creek, it’s too late to trim trees.

To help out all of our Windy Creek neighbors, the Enforcement Committee will begin inspecting roofs, trees, foliage, fences and other general exterior spaces – and advising the Board if violations need to be issued.

Follow this link for helpful tips to prepare your home for hurricane season.

Hurricane Preparedness – Tree Trimming Update

Mark Gregerson was unable to complete trimming all of the trees in the neighborhood, and must return again for additional trimming.

If Mr. Gregerson has not trimmed any trees on your property, whether common area or trees in your back yard (which you called and requested), please contact