Do all roads lead home? They do in Windy Creek… and these roads need repaving! And we are getting even closer to making that happen in our community.

Finally, all those potholes and wonky sections by the stop signs will be paved and beautiful… the “Happy New Year 2010” burned into NW 2nd Court will be gone… and our tires and shocks will thank us.

Soon… and if you’re interested to know how soon, here’s an update on the road repaving project from our HOA…

Road Repaving Project Update

The Board of Directors of the Windy Creek HOA has obtained quotes for the road repaving project and voted to use All Paving as our contractor for the road repaving project. We solicited bids from seven different companies; three of which actually submitted proposals. All Paving was selected as they were the least expensive and the most responsive to our inquiries.

As part of the road repaving project, we will be adding additional parking spaces, speed humps, and crosswalks throughout the community. Additionally, the tennis courts will also be milled and repaved. The Board has been advised that the road repaving will take approximately 7-10 days to complete. This will be contingent on the weather, as the construction cannot go on while it is raining. We will send a follow up email about the start date.

Most importantly, the Road Contractor has offered a group discount rate for Residents wishing to re-pave their driveways. The Board has been quoted approximately $2,500.00 for asphalt driveways and $4,500.00 for a pavers driveway. We will confirm the exact prices; however, if you are interested, please email

Here’s a little background on what is currently happening for those of you who have not been able to attend our latest HOA meetings:

  • The reserve funds for road repaving were being used as collateral for the loan that was obtained for the road re-piping project.
  • As a result, the reserve funds for repaving our roads could not be used until a certain percentage of the loan was repaid through the special assessment.


We’ve recently reached that benchmark, thanks to the wonderful commitment to on-time payments from the whole community! Way to go Windy Creek community members!

Accordingly, the Board has moved quickly on obtaining several quotes for the repaving project and once we have more information we will update all members at our next HOA meeting.

So until then, stay tuned and have a great summer!