Frequently Asked Questions.
Here are some common questions we receive about daily life in Windy Creek.

What do my HOA Dues cover?

Current HOA Dues are $240 per month and are due on the 1st of every month.

HOA Dues cover the costs of: Cable TV Comcast/Xfinity, front lawn maintenance, pool and tennis court maintenance and all of the green areas within the neighborhood.

Is street parking allowed?

No, we don’t allow street parking in Windy Creek. Our roads are pretty slim as is and we feel that if we were to allow neighbors to park their vehicles in the streets, we wouldn’t have much room to move at all.

Also, we find that it’s a lot easier to see cars coming and for cars to see children playing without having other vehicles parked along the swales.

Can I rent my home?

Yes, you can rent your home in Windy Creek. However, our HOA must approve your tenants beforehand and you will be required to rent for at least a one-year minimum.

We don’t allow our residents to rent their houses for months at a time for the “seasoners.”

Are there any pet or breed restrictions?

No. Our residents are permitted to have any type of dog-breed (barring rules from the city of Delray) or pet that they would like.

We do request that our residents keep their dogs on a leash at all times when walking through the neighborhood. And we also ask that owners clean up after their pets.

In the off-chance that an owner does not clean up after their pet, know that other neighbors may petition the HOA to ask that these folks be fined for their in-actions. Fines will not exceed $250 (but it’s a lot easier for everyone if you clean up after your pets.)

When do I need ARB Approval?

Any exterior work being done to a home or its landscaping needs approval  from the ARB prior to starting work. The Board requires this to ensure that each home in Windy Creek continues to blend with its neighborhood . Please contact the ARB for specifics regarding your planned project.

I am planning on painting my home. Are there any required painting specifications?

The ARB requires that all colors be reviewed on-site prior to painting of homes. Paint samples must be accompanied with the ARB request form, or a paint sample can be applied in an obviouse area to the color-specific materials (i.e. Trim, fascia, body).  Once the form is approved by the ARB, you may then proceed with the painting process.

If i am painting my house the same color, do i still need ARB approval?

Yes, even if repainting your home the same color, ARB Review and approval is required to ensure that the colors comply with the current guidelines. Please visit the ARB page for the required review forms.

How long does it take to get ARB approval for an imporvement to my home?
ARB Request can take up to 14 Days turnaround time to be approved.  Please don’t wait to submit your request for approval.